Women in leadership – modernity and agility – how changes in business processes and culture promote innovation

New book release: Women in leadership – a guide to how systematic women’s careers make companies more innovative The entrepreneur and management consultant Barbara Lutz describes in her book “Frauen in Führung – Modernität und Agilität – wie die Veränderung der Unternehmensprozesse und Kultur Innovationen fördern” (Women in Leadership – Modernity and Agility – How the Change in Business Processes and Culture Promotes Innovation) a practical guide for companies to combine gender-appropriate leadership and innovative ability. The editor uses the mechanisms of the Women Career Index as a basis for this. This is a scientifically based measuring instrument that has been tried and tested in practice. Its task is to weight the activities to promote women’s careers beyond mere gut feelings and empirical knowledge and to convert them into measurable values. Barbara Lutz defines the most important factors for successful women’s careers, such as dynamics as well as the support of top management, and points out the main criteria for success. On this basis, decision-makers are provided with measures that will decisively advance their efforts to develop women’s careers. In addition, the reader will find wise starting points and viable practical reports from companies already indexed, whose activities have been consistently reviewed for their impact and structurally coordinated. Finally, the book clearly explains the positive effects that sustainable, gender-appropriate management has on a working environment conducive to innovation. With this book, the author provides clear evidence that, beyond all the emotionally charged discussions, an objective view of the professional situation of women in companies is worthwhile. “Anyone who understands the interrelationships between women’s careers, cultural changes and innovation as part of the management agenda has clear economic advantages,” says Lutz.

Barbara Lutz will present her book on 8 November at a presentation at the Hypovereinsbank in Munich.

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About the Women’s Career Index: The FKi is an independent measuring instrument that can be used by companies and organisations of any size and industry to examine how women at various management levels develop in their careers. With the help of the FKi, companies should be able to take more efficient measures and thus sustainably improve women’s chances of advancement. Launched in 2012, the FKi has been considered an independent company based in Munich since 2015 and is under the patronage of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. In addition to internal company analyses and the annual publication of the FKi report, the working group between the participating companies and regular keynote speeches are among the FKi’s permanent activities.