Trend analysis: Home office as indicator for innovative companies

The FKi has been monitoring the measures implemented by the participating companies for over seven years and has discovered early on that innovative companies are constantly reviewing and adapting their sets of measures. Because what works today no longer needs to make sense in a few years’ time. In the FKi analysis, this was translated into a “life cycle of measures”. 46 measures have been regularly surveyed since 2015 and evaluated according to their greatest effectiveness in supporting permeability and the careers of women.

Among the measures monitored is the possibility of using the home office. In recent years, there has been a clear trendamong companies that are innovative and open to the careers of women to consistently enable home offices at all levels.

Home office across all levels is a strong indicator of modernity, openness and flexibility. Companies that let themselves be indexed by the FKi are trendsetters here.

The greatest increase in use can be seen among the Management Board members:

Another decisive difference here is the use of home office by managers:

The data show that the home office is an integral part of the set of measures: