The FKi at a Glance

If you can measure it, you can manage it.

The FKi is the benchmark for the advancement of women.

The Women Career Index (FKi) is the management tool for more women in leadership. As the first measuring instrument for the development of successful women’s careers, since 2012 it has already provided important support in the areas of new leadership, diversity and transformation to over 200 companies in eleven countries.


Tried and tested and scientifically based index model.


Concrete recommendations for action for participating companies.


Over 200 companies have already participated in the FKi since 2012.

The FKi helps companies to become more open and agile

The results of the FKi prove this: Those who promote the permeability of women’s careers in the company create agile structures and cultural openness. Because women in leadership are considered to be:

Indicator of innovative strength and transformation ability
Important decision criterion for investors and investment houses
Attractiveness factor for current and future generation workers

The FKi evaluates transparently and makes concrete recommendations

As an index for women, leadership and innovation, the FKi provides in-depth insights into the interrelationships and effects of women’s advancement in companies.

Tried and tested KPi system since 2012
Sound description of the ACTUAL state
Comprehensive dashboard and guideline for effective measures

Entrepreneurial excellence comes from the best employees. The Women’s Career Index offers you an opportunity for modern positioning and differentiation in the job market.

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The FKi has already successfully supported over 200 companies

The companies indexed by the FKi employ over 1.1 million people. Of these, 33% are women in the total workforce. Under the patronage of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, the most progressive companies are honoured every year.


The index model can be used regardless of company size or sector. The basis of the FKi analysis is the data that the company provides us with by filling out the three-part questionnaire. In case of repeated participation, the data will only need to be updated.

Yes, with the dashboard you also get a comparison with other companies.

You can choose between these options:

Public participation: You choose whether your company is publicly named in the index and at the events.

Anonymous participation: You choose whether your company uses all aspects of the index but is not named publicly.

  • Indexing costs between EUR 4,800 and EUR 8,500; depending on the size of the company or the country to be indexed
  • Companies can request additional services from the FKi. Key notes, seminars, presentations and accompanying advice for implementation in the company